How long do I have to wait until I get a feedback from your office?

Two (2) working days lead time is allotted for each prospective or existing client.

How much do I have to pay for the request to be processed?

We do not charge any service fee in processing your request.

Why should I outsource my accounting needs?

Outsourced Accounting allows the business with the following benefits:

  • Reduce overhead cost by 50% or more since the company need not spend time and money in training accounting personnel and maintaining the Accounting or Finance Department.
  • Outsourced accountants or accounting firm allows your management team to focus on your main business while they do the back office work for you. The Management is given the advantage to focus in business strategies and goals rather than spend time in handling accounting and finance related problems.
  • Outsourcing provides your company with a higher level of expertise than you normally could afford if you maintain your own Accounting Department since the company is given a free hand in utilizing the specialized skills of the chosen outsourced accounting or finance individual or firm.
  • Timeliness of report is another benefit and advantage of outsourcing. Aside from a skilled and competent staff, outsource company provides you with the advantage of utilizing available advance technology which makes the record keeping process easier.

What accounting services can be outsourced?

From basic bookkeeping to the complicated level of financial management, tax problems including IRS representation and government mandated reports and feasibility study for a prospective new line of business.  

What size of business can avail of outsourced service?

Any size of business can avail of outsourced service and get all the benefits and rewards of outsourcing their accounting needs. Small, medium and even large companies can outsource their accounting and finance service needs.

How can accounting help me make money?

Accounting is the source of Financial Information which is a vital factor in making sound business decisions. Accounting provides financial information that indicates how the business performed and the status of its financial condition. Accounting can identify the factors affecting the revenues and costs of a business, which serves as a tool in making strategic decision in increasing the profitability of the company.

Can a bookkeeper do the accounting for me?

A bookkeeper does recording of financial transactions either manually or by using accounting software. Computer software also provides financial analysis as part of its reporting capabilities but the assessment, analysis and interpretation of an expert auditor and accountant is incomparable to software output, especially if the financial information is to be used in making business decisions.

What are financial reports?

Basic Financial Reports are the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings and Cash Flow Statement. Balance Sheet shows the financial position or condition of the company; Income Statement shows the results of operation; Retained Earnings shows the Equity of the business and Cash Flow Statement shows the Sources and Uses of Cash.

Do I really need to have financial reports each month?

Yes, all the information provided by the financial reports are integral factors in making a sound business decision.

How can Management Financial Reports help me?

Management Financial Reports are a key tool in ascertaining: the current performance of your business; identifying significant fluctuations in sales and key expenses; projecting future profits and costs; ascertaining your tax liability in order to plan for taxation payments.

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